Saturday, February 12, 2011

True conversation with my sister this morning.

Me: Please don't ever let me get to the point that I am excited that I am able to fit in one seat on an airplane.
Ashley: Please don't let me be in a walker before I am 70.

Why this conversation?
In life I have figured learn from others what not to do.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's been about 6 months time to catch up...

Life is the same crazy life. Loving my family, even though I know I take it all for granted at times. Lose my temper a little to easily, usually after 4pm. Get frustrated the Hubby is gone so much, even though I KNOW it is to help our family, keeping food on the table, and doing good for people in our ward and community. Doing everything he should be. Where I feel I lack that good doing, I think of things I should be doing for others, but know I could be a better person, parent, friend ect. (it's the thought that counts right?)
Kinda a weird down day, happens to the best of us. Have resolutions for the year that I haven't quite failed at yet but not doing as well as I should. Last year I lost 60 lbs. super exciting not just for the cuter clothes ect. but for lowering my risk of diabetes which runs in the family and after having gestational diabetes makes your chances of getting it later in life alot higher. I also wanted it to help with my high cholesterol, um didn't work a genetic thing I guess. Gotta love those genes,(at least they are a size 6 now not 16) so yes I'm 32 and on cholesterol medication, even though i lost 60 lbs. which is now only 50lbs. darn those holidays. This year gotta keep it off not to look good but to be healthy as I can be to be with my family as long as I can. Love them.

I gotta get back into crafting, makes me feel like I accomplished something in my day. Been doing alot of reading tho, so it's one or the other, no time for both. Also gotta new camera so gotta get lots of fun photos, can't wait for that.

Over the last year I have also realized how much I love living here, not because I live down the street from some crazy weird animal scrap metal place, or because I live in the dreaded IE. I have made so many friends and met so many people who will be a part of my life forever. The friends I have made here are so amazing, I don't know if I could be the parent and wife I am with out their love and support. You are all amazing and wish I could show you more than I have.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I cannot believe little Elliot is already one. People always say how fast it goes but, it hasn't really hit me till now. He is so sweet. I love him to death his curly blond hair and blue eyes (what?). Abbey is in school now, miss kindergarten, and Aiden is in second grade and in the top reading class, he also got baptized this month with two cute girls named Madeline and Mikala such a fun day. Violet hasn't been majorly hurt in a few days (that is a big deal in our house). Couldn't be more proud.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Violet and her crazy hair

Violet always insists on putting everything in her hair. lotion. diaper rash cream, gel ect. so it is always fun and easy to do fun hair styles with, this is what I did Easter morning she kept saying she didn't want to look like a boy, I told her she looked like a rooster, I guess a rooster is better than a boy.

Easter weekend....

So this year my 2 littlest ones were sick. So we kept it mellow, the one thing we did do was go to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. We had a few melt downs but thats no surprise, Abbey is still scared of the Easter bunny so she didn't make it into those photos.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweet Violet, and such.

So this week has been full of fun, preschool field trip to a dairy farm. So funny, little Abbey held her nose almost the whole time because "it smelled soooo bad." I have to agree, I'm a wimp like that.
Today is Violets 3rd birthday, can't believe she is already 3 and at the same time I can't believe she is only 3, if that makes sense. Sometimes I forget that she is still so young. She is quite a character, man does she have some lungs. Violet likes to do everything Aiden and Abbey do. She by far has had the most injuries, no fear. Hope you had a great birthday my sweet girl.

Now for Aiden and Elliot, Aiden has no front teeth these days, and is an awesome reader. He just got his report card from school and is doing so well, I'm so proud of my little man.

Elliot is 6 months old and so sweet, such a content little guy. I am so thankful for that, I don't know how I would survive 4 kids if he wasn't as sweet, calm and patient as he is.
Now all I can say is there better not be any hair cutting going on. A little thanks to Heather for inspiring me to try to blog more to capture my family life.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the hard times continue.

This death is just hard for me to get over, or should I say move on. I have never had anyone close to me pass away (well anyone I had daily contact with and were a part of my life at the time.) I can't quite figure out how I feel, it isn't really as much a loss for me as for my Dad. It kills me to see him in such pain, and to imagine how he must feel. What next, for him? He is pretty much left with nothing, she was his everything. I don't have to much to offer except to listen. I don't have a place for him to live or any extra funds to help out in anyway. AHHH when did this happen, when did I become the adult, the one to worry about my father (oh wait it has always been that way.) When will this hurting and anxiety end, or does it? you just learn to deal. I don't know what I will do when someone even closer to me passes, how will I deal with it, if I can't even seem to be strong now.? I know with my immediate family we will be together again. I need to feel comfort in that....